Buying A New Home And Furniture: A Few Essentials

Okay, so after months of searching, you've finally zeroed in on a house that strikes your fancy a great deal. And if everything goes according to plan, you'll be moving to your dream home soon enough. And once you do that, it's time to carefully handpick all the different pieces of furniture that will adorn the different rooms and spaces of your home. And if you're a fan of oak furniture, chances are you've already researched your options and have found the right store to buy your oak furniture from. 

However, let's not get ahead at this point. Yes, you've found the home you'd like to move into. From what you've seen from the pictures from the listings, the property looks to suit your expectations to a tee. That's all well and good, no doubt. However, buying a home is often a lengthy and complicated process and you need to plan your moves right before you post your initial offer. 

Buying a New Home: Things to Take into Account 

First of all, get a good idea (through your agent and any other resources you can muster) of the fair market value of the house. Now, since you like the house in question so much, it's natural for you to believe (and in most cases, rightly so) that a good many others will be interested in the property, too. 

So, here comes the tricky bit: making the bid. Granted you dearly love the house, but here's where you need to observe some discipline. In other words, keep your emotions in check and do not make a too high an offer to outbid the other potentially interested parties. 
Here's our suggestion: make a reasonable offer but add an 'escalation cause.' This is to inform the seller that you're willing to pay more than your initial offer if one or more interested buyers make higher offers than your own. 

Another important suggestion is that you ought not to drop the 'contingencies' in your offer letter. The two most common contingencies are home appraisal by one's mortgage company and home inspection. Some folks in their eagerness to win the bid will drop these contingencies. But keep in mind that once you do this, you'll need to pay any possible appraisal shortfall out of your own pocket. Also, no matter how great the house looks from outside (and inside), it may still have some hidden issues that may require expensive repairs. However, if you drop the home inspection contingency, you'll again have to bear those repair costs all by yourself. 

So, the bottomline, no matter how much you like a home at first sight, stay on your guard and advance with caution. If you can't seal the deal on the current one, there will always be another great home waiting for you to move in. All you'll have to do is wait a while and that's it. 

Choosing the Furniture

Now, assuming that you've after all been able to find and buy and move into the home of your dream, now is the time to go shopping for the furniture. You may choose different woods for different pieces of furniture. However, we believe it's a great idea to plan your furniture layout with oak furniture as the base. Oak is an incredibly popular choice as a stylish and durable furniture-making hardwood. It is also a highly versatile hardwood and offers great variety in terms of grain, texture and color palette. And last but not the least, oak furniture is reasonably affordable, so there's no need to break your bank either in your quest to achieve a great décor for your new home.